Women’s Week Provincetown

This year, the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown outdid themselves celebrating 30 years of amazing community and events during Women’s Week in Provincetown!


—- INFO: “Autumn’s Splendor” Series – Provincetown MA – ISO 100 | 210 mm | f/8 | 1/160 sec —-

These images were created in Provincetown during the Women’s Week Celebrations

During this week-long community celebration, numerous entertainers, performers, authors, artists, activists and the greater women’s community from all across the country gather to enjoy time together creating priceless memories and making friends, as they have every year for the past three decades!

To start the week out, I offered three of my most popular photography workshops: my Contemplative Photography and Basic Digital SLR Photography workshops and a new twist via my arranging an intimate Art’s Dune Tours Sunset Photography Tour for the workshop attendees. My photography workshops were well-received, as always, and I was able to inspire all the attendees to shoot in Manual from Auto / Program mode! Good times!

Throughout this spectacular week, there were numerous well-known comedians that brought levity and helped us to forget about our problems (Kate Clinton, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Maggie Cassella and Karen Williams to name a few of the many), internationally-known musicians whose music helped us get through our early years (Janis Ian, Holly Near and Cris Williamson) and international / local musical talents who inspire us to make even more strides in our lives these days, such as Zoe Lewis and Natalia Zukerman!

Activities during the week were plentiful! There was performance and musical theater, drumming circles, twelve-step inspiration groups, writing workshops, authors and book signings, idol shows, craft shows, breakfast and lunch buffets, sunset schooner sailing, dune tours and bonfires, more singing, more laughter, independent films, travel adventures to learn about from Olivia Cruises and Women on a Roll, drag entertainers, Kate Clinton’s annual football game, Zoe Lewis’ annual Conker Tournament, sex workshops, afternoon teas and chocolate-making, Tea Dances, evening dances, piano sing-alongs, Orange is the New Black parties, a Community Dinner, a 30th Anniversary party, gender non-specific custom tailored suits by St. Harridan…and too much to list!  It was an historic 30th celebration and an action-packed week! WHEW! I’m worn out just thinking about it – in a good way though!

Keep an eye out for future posts of images I created while in Provincetown this past October, and don’t forget to head over to my Facebook page to keep up-to-date with my art and future photography workshops I’ll be offering.

See everyone next year, when we can do all that and more again!

Namaste, Joanne Bartone

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