winter visual wonderland…

Though winter is a cold time of the year when all lies dormant waiting for the rousing warmth of spring, it always amazed me that people seem to think it’s a season void of color or beauty.  I’ve never understood how someone might think that way, as I can see many beautiful hues of browns, blues, greens, silvers, oranges, white (the most obvious!), yellow and more!  Now, I’ll agree, it is cold, but it is BEAUTIFUL nonetheless.
Enjoy some of the beauty of the winter wonder that I created in this image.  The top square is an image taken at night – I loved the way the soft snow sparkled in the light.  It may be hard to see here, but it was lovely…

Joanne Bartone Photographer
Although I love the sights and colors of winter, I remain BEGGING for spring!  Give me warmth!  Give me sunshine!  Give me Puerto Rico in the winter!!!

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |