What I Know for Sure

Do you know about Super Soul Sunday?

—- IMAGE INFO: “Waiting for Summer’s Return” – The Moors | Provincetown MA – Canon 7D | ISO 400 | 16mm | f/16 | 1/500 sec —-

I’m proud to admit that I watch Oprah Winfrey‘s Super Soul Sunday on OWNtv for inspiration and enlightenment. If I can’t be in front of the TV to watch it on Sunday, I’ll call it up on my computer wherever I am and as soon as I can so I can be sure to catch up with the thought-provoking interviews. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching Oprah enjoy the company of her guests, you are aware that at the end of her time with them she asks each guest the same series of questions – the individual answers of her guests are really marvelous and serve to give us, the viewer, food for thought to grow on. One of the questions Oprah has been asking herself for years as her spiritual path has developed is “What do I know for sure?” and she offers this question to her guests in every episode.

All the questions Oprah asks in her interviews are intensely important for us to consider, but this one question resonates with me significantly…’What do I know for sure?’…about myself?

Speaking from my heart as I always do, I can tell you this much about me, for sure…

Above all else, I am grateful…for every second of every moment of every day of every year that I’ve been alive.
Every triumph, whether given to me as a gift, or in the guise of a challenge has been a blessing.
I wouldn’t trade a moment or change one aspect of my journey!
I’ve no regrets.
I’ve learned a lot – about myself, love, life and photography even, and I’ve a lot more to learn about those things and much more.
I have a gift, and that gift is that I am a nurturer.
I love to empower others in an enlightened and thought-full way, especially as it relates to learning photography.
I am open to the goodness in the world and in people, and I enjoy sharing my goodness.
I am insightful, kind, gentle, patient, compassionate and above all else, loving.
I have made mistakes for which I am sorry; I’ve learned from them and done better once I’ve gained the insight that was intended.
I am a creative person, an artist who has given birth to ideas, images, inspiration and I create with the purpose of providing joy for others.
Because of all this…and more…what I truly know for sure is that I am so fortunate; I can’t even begin to express how fortunate I feel, every day!

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning. Watch Super Soul Sunday for inspiration as I do, and ask yourself what you know for sure!
If you’d like to share your thoughts, I’d gladly listen!

Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer

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