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Really; does it have to be so cold? says it’s “11 degrees, but it feels like 1 degree.”  That is just wrong!
I know we live in the Northern Atlantic states, but what has happened to global warming?!  Try as I might, I simply cannot get warm, even with my handy-dandy Vornado Sole Aire which I purchased at Staples here in the South Hills, on sale for a mere $29 (well worth every penny!).  So, in times of crisis, I turn to my favorite mid-day drink: warm tea…mmmm….
And, what is tea if it doesn’t have honey, I ask?!  Welll, cha!  Nothing!
So, I pull out my favorite tea: Numi Roiboos Red African Bush flavor, my favorite teacup (purchased on sale at Starbucks – I just loved the blue and brown Asian motif!) and add my favorite honey (and small indulgance): Granja Mediterranian Rosemary & Lavendar Honey and enjoy!  mmmmmmm….  I feel better already!
yummy delicious
The Granja brand honey is my favorite honey because their flavors are soooo delicious, like the rosemary lavender one I’m enjoying.  But also, the design of the container leaves for a no-drip seamlessly easy “pouring” from the bottom of the container, which doesn’t waste a drop of the nectar or leave a gooey mess. If you want to try the honey, you’ll either have to come over for tea with me or purchase it on line.  Time for a second cup!  ENJOY!
BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

  • Jeremy Ganss on Feb 05, 2009 Reply

    I hear you Joanne. . . it was down to -17* here last night. . . our heat bill is crazy this month.