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This is the first of many ideas I have in mind that are meant to
present this concept. It is a joy for me to finally be actualizing this
Art Photography project after having conceptualized it for at least
four years now!  I was INSPIRED to embark on this journey in
composition and creativity
as a means to broaden my ability to view an original image differently,
and in many different ways.  My hopes are that the photographers that
visit my blog will consider integrating this idea for themselves. I
would suspect this creative concept is not new, but I’ve not seen it or
previously done it myself, so here is my version…

A visual enigma of many photographic compositions extracted from the whole.

The Original Image:

When one views a whole image in segments based solely on colors,
lines, light, clarity or lack thereof, it is possible to create a
number of abstract photographic images, no matter what the subject. 
What I did was to photograph a natural scene
then dissect it by horizontally and vertically cropping areas that I
felt were visually
dynamic, concerning myself more with the abstractions and not clarity – the vertical crops are represented in the images below that have the
white line separating two images. The original image above of Bear Run was taken in open shade at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA near Ohiopyle.

The Image Within:
This project could also be done at the time you were photographing
a subject instead of in post-processing – which could pose to be even more
challenging as a creative exercise – but, I think creating many images from
one original image in post-processing can afford us more time to look
and consider composition.  Either way it is an interesting way to
challenge your creativity.  ENJOY!

I am drawn to Nature and the myriad of colors it presents to us. The vivid colors in the abstracted images seem even more brilliant to me, and I have a number of favorites that are mostly of the horizontal crop. Overall, I am pleased with my results and think that the original image, and the
many born from it, are simply delicious!  And I LOVE the vast difference between these fluid (literally!) images and the hard lines in my previous post of my Architectural Photography, but both installments have been so refreshing and invigorating for me.

What do you think?  Do you
happen to have a favorite image from the group above?  I’d love to
know.  And what do you think about the concept?  Leave your comments
here on the blog – I look forward to them.

NOTE: This creative project can also be found under tips :: photographers!

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