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It has been quite a while since I’ve made an entry in my blog, but I’m not inclined to be beating myself up over it any time soon as my philosophies towards myself are a-changing!  🙂

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, wedding season began last month and will be in full swing until the end of November.  It actually seems as if it has been extending longer and longer the past few years; it’s starting earlier and ending later which is really quite wonderful.  The extension offers creative possibilities that are truly endless on so many levels!

As one of the top creative wedding photographers in Pittsburgh, I’m super excited to be providing some of the best wedding photography imaginable locally for my clients.  Wedding photography is such a passion for me – I get to create beautiful images and capture emotions and moments with new perspectives and fresh creative vision all as a result of the love that I get to witness! I LOVE my career – yes, “career!”  This is not a job, it’s not a-part-time-for-extra-cash-thingy {nor has it ever been}, and it’s not work.  Being an established and highly-regarded wedding photographer for over fourteen years is a delight, an adventure, and both a blessing and a gift!

Every season I enjoy challenging myself creatively!  One of my top goals each year is to NOT repeat poses so that each couple’s wedding photography is created with a uniquely artistic bent.  I do this by tailoring my wedding photography to the subtle nuances of my couple’s personalities that make them so special.  In the end, I delight in making them happy for years and years after their wedding through both my unobtrusive editorial {story telling} and artistic wedding photography.  I am clear; that day, that oh-so most important day is about my couples; it is not about me.  My heart and soul is spent creating and capturing and when I’m done, so is my body and brain!  All that creative energy that I expend is delicious delirium and great fun from which I get to create spectacular one-of-a-kind heirloom art pieces from, like this one:

Here’s to the 2010 wedding season for ALL the couples getting married!  May it be filled with fun, wedded bliss and may all your dreams come true always, but especially on your wedding day!

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