the new Benz!

If you don’t know it, and probably most of you don’t, I’m a bit of a “gearhead” – I LOVE old cars!  Please understand that I use that term with the most heartfelt comrade from my fellow gearhead brothers and sisters.  🙂   And, I’ve got nothing against new cars; I’m frequently tempted to buy one or two because they are fabulous, but there is just something about the old cars that appeals to me both visually and nostalgically…
So, my 1986 Volvo 240DL that I’ve been tooling around in for a number of years will be on the sales block soon; just a matter of detailing it to look even spiffier than it already does so when I go to sell it I can get top dollar for it since I’ve put thousands into it over the years I’ve had it to keep it as beautiful as it is and running as well as it does.  I’ll post about it here when she’s ready to be sold.
And now…out with the old and in with the older!  Enter my just acquired 1981 Mercedes Benz!  You won’t miss me riding down the street in this car!  She’s bright and FABULOUS and I am smitten!  I got it from a great young man who took great care of it, considering he’s a gearhead too…and my nephew!  Funny thing is, I just saw an even older Benz last night – a beige, what looked like a 1970s model.  All I could do was to stare and smile at the stylish guy driving it. It was like we were speaking a language and sharing a moment that only each of us could fully understand…I digress.
Well, don’t forget to wave when you see me tooling by!  I’m thinking of a vanity plate, maybe something like bumbleB, or JBzzzzz…check out the photo below and you’ll know why!!  ENJOY!!
Joanne Bartone Photographer
BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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