The Flow of Knowledge

When I decided that I would provide photography instruction to others who also love photography I wanted to approach instructing people from my perspective; a reverent and thoughtful approach to photography much different from the ego-driven instruction I experienced both in school and from the professional photography industry.

Those who attend my workshops are people who have a passion for and a desire to move themselves past the stumbling blocks they recognize they’ve had – whether they are a photo-loving individual in the early stages of learning, or a new-to-the-business photographer or even an established pro; people who want to do more with their photography, but aren’t sure how to get there. This is where I come in…

Sometimes, all it takes is one hour-long one-on-one discussion with a few guided assignments, or one half-day workshop to transform confusing technical concepts into a sensible perspective. I delight in watching the light bulbs go off in people’s heads when we are working together! It’s there…on their face…it starts out with an “I don’t get it” look that gradually transforms into pure joy when the ah-ha moment happens and the concept and mind become one! Bliss for you, bliss for me!

I named my photography instruction site “Zen Photography Instruction” because of the premise behind the practices of Zen Buddhism: a practice whereby one becomes fully present in the “now.” This is how it is for me when I’m photographing – there is this empty mind, full vision that occurs within me; this Zen moment when I literally  transcend all external distractions becoming one with my camera and clearly focused on the subject and the process of photographing it. I know athletes talk about this state of mind, and entertainers, specifically dancers and actors, so I know I cannot be the only photographer to experience this!  There’s a journal post on my ZEN SITE where I talk about this a bit more in-depth.

I teach people of all levels of photographic knowledge with total respect, leaving my ego at home and requiring you to do the same. My approach is that I provide knowledge and experiences in an affirming manner with patience, kindness, passion, compassion and I make it fun too!  I love photography and thoroughly delight in imparting my knowledge and skills on others who love photography as much as I do. I get it – it’s enthralling! I know how hours can pass in front of the computer out of the sheer joy of creating. At least that’s how it should be! It should not be the opposite…hours passing in front of the computer out of frustration and lack of knowledge. If you are feeling frustration, contact me – I’d like to put an end to that!

So, come join me at a photography workshop, retreat, tour or safari – let’s immerse ourselves in photography, doing what we love and loving what we do!  I look forward to meeting you – soon.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer

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