Sheena and Jonathan’s Wedding!

Sheena and Jonathan had a beautiful day, ceremony and celebration filled with happiness and surrounded by loving friends and family. Everything about their day was simply lovely, as you will see below!
They were married in the Historic Presbyterian Church in Sewickley where no photos were allowed during the ceremony, so after first having gone to the Allegheny Country Club to photograph the details and ambiance there, I arrived at the church just as Sheena and Jon were taking their vows. I don’t often get to enjoy the beauty of my couple’s ceremonies because I’m busy observing and capturing, but this time I was able to listen and quietly observe from the back of the church – it was a peaceful and loving ceremony, re pleat with an Irish Minister, Tracey Cowan who had a beautiful Gaelic accent that only added to the whole event – and this was Tracey’s first wedding ceremony! It was just beautiful, I tell you! So, the first image you see in the slide show of Sheena and Jon will be of their recession directly following the ceremony – I just had to sneak one shot of the ceremony in – it killed me not to be photographing even though I did enjoy watching it!
From the church, we proceeded to one of the family friends home, directly across the street where we used their beautiful gardens to photograph the family, wedding party and Sheena and Jon – the gardens were a perfect site for beautiful and romantic images, again, as you will see in the Slide Show below. It was an elegant wedding and I chose to display some of the photos with a hint of color, so they would appear timeless, romantic and elegant. Simply click on the “play” arrow in the lower left, above Sheena’s name to start the show – I hope you enjoy my creativity!
Best, Joanne Bartone, Photographer
Flowers: Reed and Petals
Cake: Autumn’s Cakes

  • Sheena McCoy on Sep 09, 2008 Reply

    I am overcome by how beautiful the slide show is. I keep coming back to look at them and have been getting more compliments then I did the day of the wedding 😛
    Having Joanne photograph our wedding was my favorite decision in the wedding plans (besides my choice in husband 🙂 ).
    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.