Shall we call it enlightenment…

Life happens. We are here, and then before you know it, we’ve moved on. Life is all too short. It’s important to pay attention to that…

Many a day of mine has been spent chasing…a career, an income, love, happiness…all the things we are told we MUST chase, be or have.
Boy, I’d like to find the person who decided upon that marketing ploy – I’d have a thing or two to say to them!

Thank you for the suggestion, but I prefer the slower pace of life.
I like to spend time with my aging parents. I’m fortunate to have them and who knows when they may leave? Time with them is all too precious.
I like to sit quietly with my love in a small ocean-front apartment in Maine, watching the waves furiously roll in while the fire burns in the fireplace.
No words are necessary as we hold hands; silently watching the peace outside our window.
I enjoy time with my sister – she’s so talented, kind and caring. The world could use a few more of her kind! We’d be WAY better off!
All of my nieces and nephews are so wonderful; time with them is too far-and-few-bewteen; I’ve missed too much time with them already. I want more.
I enjoy the company of my good friends and their children – I can never have enough hugs, laughter, wine and inspiring conversations with them. And their kids!…so WONDERFUL…I adore them all so much.
And, my in-laws…how fortunate am I that I get to be a part of such a wonderful group of people that I can call family?! …pretty fortunate, if you are asking.

There’s been a bit of a “perfect storm” these past few years – even though that saying is used a bit too much it works well for the observations of life in so many ways. Through the storms I’ve experienced, I’ve learned more about priorities than I thought I ever could. I was forced to slow down so I could pay attention to what is really important to me: people.

Illusions have lifted. My own health and happiness matter most, right along with the people I love and care about. I can’t buy time, health or happiness. I’ve got to cultivate what I’ve got left, grow it and then integrate it into my world. I’m glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to recognize this.

Have you been wondering where I have been, or why I kind of fell off the earth for a bit? Well, I’ve had some health issues the past four years that forced me to slow down…so I could become more enlightened…and enjoy more of my life, the people I love and the art I’m called to create, like the image above. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I enjoy it a LOT. I’m finally on my way to optimal health and couldn’t be more grateful. I still have a bit to go, but I’m very optimistic about all I’m creating. So, I am grateful…so very grateful.

The journey continues.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer


2012: Serenity | Ogunquit, Maine © Joanne Bartone Photographer

Canon 7D | ISO: 100 | 24-70mm L USM @ 50mm | f/22 | Bulb | 21 sec. | ND x4 | wireless shutter release

This image was created on a recent trip to New England and up into Ogunquit, Maine.  Karen and I needed a little peace, quiet and time together away from the routines of life.  Mind you, I personally love routines, but breaking free of them is a gift!  So, after a business engagement in Boston, MA, we made our way up into Maine and settled into our little apartment right. on. the. ocean.= heaven on earth, at Ogunquit Beach.  We spent lots of time outside enjoying the brisk winds coming in off of the Atlantic Ocean.  We stayed at Sea Chambers, which is adjacent to the beach. The Ogunquit River flows between the beach and land and the tide would magically come in and go out here- a magnificent sight that I wanted to convey to others, but in a way that elicited the serenity I felt watching it.  I was out at sunset and sunrise to capture from this beautiful location, along with all the other beautiful areas we scouted for future Zen Photography Workshops.  It was about 4:45 PM and with tripod, camera and Neutral Density filter, we went out to the precipice of the shore, just left of the Marginal Way and this image was one of the many beautiful images created on that day.

My frame of mind was peaceful and Karen and I were not in any hurry – we were just drinking in all the beauty of the sights (nature + light), sounds (seagulls and the roar of ocean waves), and smells (ocean air) that were all around us.  We were so happy to be there together, and I was so happy to be photographing nature in its splendor.  To me, this image represents peace, happiness and the awareness of constant change and all things possible, an enlightenment.  It is a current favorite.  I hope this image brings you feelings of peace, as it does for me.

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