Learn about the creative + business aspects of the wedding photography world by an international award-winning professional photographer.  Joanne Bartone has been known as one of the premier wedding photographers in Pennsylvania for nearly 20 years.  Hundreds of wedding clients have trusted Joanne to consistently arrive, photograph and astound them with her photography + design artistry.  As a national, state and local industry leader, an image trend setter and a mentor to photographers, Joanne understands that having a successful wedding photography business takes more than the latest equipment, especially if you are going to separate yourself from the hundreds of photographers competing for business in your area alone.

Joanne’s wedding photography consulting or instruction services include 1:1 coaching, workshops/seminars + retreats where you will receive instruction, inspiration, guidance and honest advice on the ins-and-outs of the art + business of wedding photography in a manner that will help you rise above your competition and elevate your photography to a higher quality standard.  Areas of her expertise available to photographers to learn include photographic technique, photographic style development, business management, operations, photo processing + creative wedding story design.

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If you are a photographer seeking instruction on the fine art of wedding story design, you can now have one of the top professional wedding photographers tutor you on the essential elements involved in creating a uniquely beautiful story for your clients that will separate your work from your competition.  Click on the image below to see one of Joanne Bartone’s Signature Fine Art Book Designs from a high-end wedding: