I see with my eyes and through my camera, but I photograph with my heart.

For over twenty years I’ve been an award-winning professional wedding photographer, an industry leader, a wedding photography trend setter, a mentor to many photographers and to this day other professional photographers refer to me as one of the premier wedding photographers in Pennsylvania.  It’s all true. Google my name – my images are all over the web and have been since the www came to be! But, that’s enough about me… I want to know about you!

Tell me how you met, and how you fell in love so I can become the visual author who tells the story of how your lives began together.  As you share your story with me, it allows us an opportunity to make an emotional connection. When we connect, I become less “the photographer” and more like another thread in the fabric of your lives, so you are more likely to be at ease when I am photographing you.  Brilliant; yes?!  Yes.

Working with me involves your complete trust – trust in me, in my creativity + talent and all of my experiences as I create my art for you.  I know that letting go of control can be difficult, but if you cannot trust me completely, then we are not the right fit for one another.  But, please understand that over 444 wedding clients have trusted me for over 20 years to consistently arrive, photograph, and wow them with my photographic + design artistry; I’ve never missed a wedding and my art speaks for itself.  If complete trust in my abilities sounds like a good plan to you, then we will work fabulously together, and I look forward to it! If you are inflexible and controlling, again…we won’t be a good fit and it’s best to seek another younger, less-experienced photographer.


That “love thy neighbor” advice? …I follow it.  I believe in Marriage Equality and EQUAL Love 4 All. I am a life-long member of the LGBTQ community myself! If you are one of the fortunate couples from the LGBTQ community having a destination wedding at one of the many States where same-sex marriages are legal, including Pennsylvania as of 05/20/2014, or the Marriage Equality mecca, Provincetown, MA where my wife and I were married, or anywhere in the greater New England / North Eastern US area, my standard wedding brochure found at the link below will NOT suffice.  We should talk in detail about making sure your wedding day and your wedding photography will be all you’ve dreamed of – you deserve it! – and my services will be well within your reach…trust me…even with travel.

Click on the image below for a glimpse of some of the couples whose actual weddings I’ve been honored to be a part of:


After photographing hundreds of traditional weddings, I am selectively focusing on the LGBTQ community but am still available for 2 to 3 traditional wedding photography commissions each year in the Pittsburgh, PA area (and the greater US). My traditional wedding bookings are highly sought after, with most coming from previous client referrals one to two years in advance. My selectivity guarantees that I can meet the needs and expectations of ALL my wedding clients with the highest creative standards on the wedding day and afterward, while ensuring that I can prioritize all aspects of my photographic business, including my fine art photography and teaching.  At each wedding I commit to pouring every bit of my love, positive energy and creativity into your wedding day while photographing, and long afterward when I design + create specialized fine art wedding story books for you – click on the image below to view a slideshow of one of my Signature Wedding Story Designs that I love to create!


Here is a link to my Traditional Wedding Brochure. The Collections in the brochure are typical of the services I provide to couples who are local to the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Destination and LGBTQ wedding services are customized to meet the unique needs of each couple.


My style is a mix of editorial (story-telling), documentary (recording the people, details and events of the day) + artistic (uniquely creative and all my own; I set the trends, I don’t copy them).

My style lends itself nicely to weddings, because I understand the significant importance of the day, the people who are with you, and all the work you’ve put into making your wedding spectacular and unique.  Warm family and wedding party portraits are a must, as are beautiful images of the couple in different settings.  Your wedding day is about YOU and YOUR LOVE; it’s not about me. If you are meeting with a photographer who can only talk about themselves and how great they are, you might want to consider moving on to another choice sooner rather than later. I am confident yet respectful to you and your guests. I am there to photograph; it is what I do best!

My goal while photographing each couple is to have you live your moments in a natural and relaxed manner, which allows me to capture and create your memories as your day and life unfolds. Please consider that if you select me as your wedding photographer I will require full creative-control so I can create stunningly beautiful imagery of your day; imagery that is not contrived in any way. The photographs I create come from my heart and talents, directly to you, for your life-long enjoyment.  We will plan for the photography and I will do my best to integrate your ideas and desires into my work, but please understand that I cannot work from a shot list and photograph at the same time. Please do not show me examples of other photographer’s photos; I will not recreate them. That is against my ethics, copyright infringement/plagiarism, and quite frankly, it stifles my ability to create unique imagery for you. Lastly, I do not think in quantity (how many photos are taken in a day), although I can assure you that I will take thousands.  My main concentration is on creating quality imagery that will bring your memories flooding back each time you look at the images I’ve created for you! Your main concentration should be on enjoying your day fully, while having complete trust in your photographer!

I travel world-wide for weddings, so if you are having a destination wedding in a location other than Pittsburgh, or a destination here in Pittsburgh, call me because the collections in my brochure can be customized to meet your needs and different pricing will apply.