Renewed Purpose Part 2…

Life brings changes, whether we are ready for them or not…and all of them are gifts…

So, what to do when you regain your energies and realize you need to rethink your purpose in the process?

What I did was to first give great thanks for better health, every day.  Then, recognizing that I needed to rethink my future, I decided that it would be wise to evaluate where I might best direct my personal and professional energies.

I’ve spent many years making hundreds of wonderful couples happy through my wedding and family portrait photography. I may not have always done the business end of it perfectly well, but I did photograph giving my heart and soul to my clients every time.  Knowing that my participation in such a memorable day was the most important and lasting piece of the wedding was very fulfilling for me.  The cake gets eaten, the flowers wilt and die, the reception eventually ends and the dress gets cleaned and put in a box, but the photographs live on and rekindle memories that  immediately take a couple back to the bliss of their wedding day, year after year until in the blink of an eye a lifetime has passed. The photographs I create are the glue between the actual moments of the day and the memories of those moments in the future.

I believe that all photographs serve as the glue of our memories – of actual events, people we adore, places and things we love and how we strive to keep those memories alive throughout our own lives.

There is tremendous pride and satisfaction knowing that my photography has touched the lives of so many people and made them so happy. I truly love and have loved every second of what I’ve done, but my work has been a large commitment of time given to others – 80+ hours for each wedding and 444 weddings later adds up roughly to 35,520 hours devoted to others, and I was happy to spend every hour on each family.  But times change and adjustments need to be made…

With aging parents who have health issues, and then having experienced my own health issues, I concluded that time wasn’t something I could give so much of in such in a carefree manner any longer. So, I had to think about what I could do that would afford me the time I needed for self, family, my wife and still have time to serve others through my photography.  I knew I wanted to continue in the photographic field in some capacity – I’ve been photographing for 40 years, almost 20 of them as a professional. So, again, back to the question…what to do…  With careful consideration, I decided what I could do was to creatively combine my professional photographic education, experience and love for photography with my patience, compassion, care for people and my reverence for nature and pursue the fine art aspect of photography while providing photographic instruction for anyone who might enjoy or desire to learn about photography and DSLR cameras.

Whether you are a photo enthusiast, a beginning photographer, a parent with a camera, a budding professional, a business person or an artist with an interest in or need to learn photography and more about DSLR cameras, I can help.

Established in 2011, I have been offering photographic instruction through my Zen Photography Workshops | Retreats | Excursions | Safaris website. In the spirit of wanting to pay my photographic knowledge forward to others who love photography I created Zen Photography so I could provide an experience whereby everyone could obtain photographic enlightenment at their own pace and regardless of their previous knowledge, through hands-on learning experiences that are enjoyable and filled with optimism. Besides being the lead instructor myself, I have put together a team of like-minded experienced photographers throughout the US that are working with me to provided photographic instruction based on the spirit of cooperation and our collective love for photography.

Making these intentional shifts has freed more of my time to enable me to focus on my personal fine art photography projects and the promotion and sale of my photographic art.  In turn, having more schedule flexibility has allowed me more time to continue to focus on improving my own health, take care of the needs of my aging parents, and maintain a connection with my beloved photography while paying that love forward to others – a win-win endeavor.

And the journey continues…

I’d love for those of you who truly have a passion for photography to allow me to guide and instruct you on your own photographic path.  I get it; I understand the love of this craft and I also understand that when you have the skills necessary to create successfully that your passion for photography can grow exponentially.  “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” – Buddhist Proverb

I’m here for you, whenever you are ready.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer

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