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Here’s the really cool scoop (and somewhat sad) on how Holly + Chris found me…

Holly had a friend Amy, who wanted me to be her photographer a year or two ago, but unfortunately, I was booked so I couldn’t photograph her wedding.  Even more unfortunate was the fact that Amy was supremely disappointed with the photography by the photographer that she and her husband did hire – I really dislike these types of stories; they make me so sad.  But they are not uncommon, because there are a lot of so called photographers out there who really don’t know what they are doing…I digress…  Because of Amy’s bad experience, she wanted her good friend Holly to have a photographer who would make her dreams come true on her wedding day; enter me…lucky, lucky me and them too!  Amy referred Holly + Chris to me and they reserved my services sight-unseen.

Although I’m so sad for Amy and her husband that they had such a terrible experience with their wedding photographer, I feel so blessed and grateful when people trust me enough and love my work so much so that they are willing to refer me without even having me as their wedding photographer.  A HUGE “thank you” goes out to Amy, and I’ll be photographing her family and baby as a thank you!  I’m so grateful that I’ll have the chance to do this for them AND be Holly + Chris’ wedding photographer!

Back to Holly + Chris…who are so darned PERFECT for one another…!

They will be getting married at Heinz Chapel, here in Pittsburgh in September of this year, so I thought it would be a nice jumping-off point for me/us to do the engagement photography.  We had a wonderful time together during our shoot, and they are going to make one-heck-of-a beautiful couple on their wedding day!  I can’t wait to photograph them again!

Thank you Amy, for referring such a wonderful couple my way, and thank you Holly + Chris, for selecting me as your photographer!  ENJOY THE PHOTOS!


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