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Do any of these situations apply to you or anyone you know:
– getting married.
– would like a maternity portrait session.
– would like a family portrait session.
– would like a senior portrait session.
– having a birthday or anniversary party.
– considering a boudoir photography session.
– need photography for business promotional pieces.
– need your workshop / seminar / holiday party photographed.

I’m happy to provide my time and talent to photograph ANY of the above events FREE if my current, and soon-to-be-new, Joanne Bartone Photography FaceBook fans could help me build my FaceBook fan base exponentially by 12.31.2009, or sooner.  My goal is to gain more exposure (pun intended) on FaceBook which will lead me to a potential increased client base.

One person who delivers the most new fans at 5000 fans will receive one free maternity, children, family or boudoir portrait session.

One person who delivers the most new fans at 7500 fans will receive one free small business promo or event session, or birthday/anniversary session.

One person who delivers the most new fans at 10,000 fans will receive one free wedding photography service.


Both current and new fans must follow these two steps to participate:

You will simply need to send out a quick “share” email by doing the following:
Click HERE to go to my Joanne Bartone Photography FaceBook Fan Page.
Beneath the logo of my orange Camera w/ the heart lens in the upper left corner is a “Suggest to Friends” link. OR, click on the SHARE+ tab on the left below the current fan list.
Click on that link and a pop-up window will open that takes you to the list of your FaceBook friends or a share window for you to type a message.
Click on “All” or select individual friends to email.
Then add a personal note, such as:
“Joanne Bartone Photographer is a wonderful photographer that I know who is trying to gain exposure and expand her client base. I’m helping her do that by asking you to become a fan of her work on FaceBook. There is no obligation for you to use her services at any time and it costs you nothing, but if I bring her the most fans in helping her reach her fan goals, I’m eligible to be chosen for free wedding / family portrait / maternity (choose one) photography services!  And once you become a fan, you become eligible to be awarded the same free services too!  Please become a fan of Joanne Bartone Photography. Thank you!” …or something similar.

I’m going to need proof of who sent whom to become a fan of my work in order to award the services, so HERE’S WHAT NEW FANS WILL NEED TO DO TO TELL ME WHO SENT THEM:

* Click HERE to fill out and send my contact form as follows:
* Complete all required information on the form: name, email address, event date: 12.31.09, how you found me: FB PROMO.
* MESSAGE: give the name of the person who asked you to become my fan!
* Click the “Submit” button to send the information.   

BE SURE TO COPY AND PASTE the asterisked (*) info into your personal
email message to your FaceBook friends so the new
fans you deliver can be totaled to determine how many fans you brought to me!  These emails will be filtered to determine who the top fan promoters were so they will be eligible for the free photography services. Again, new fans become eligible for the free photography promotion too by encouraging their friends to become fans in the same way!  It’s a win-win opportunity for everyone!

BONUS: in addition to providing free photography services for an eligible participant, for the person who brings me the most fans propelling me to reach 10,000 fans and in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, I will make a donation to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation.

have a list of my current Joanne Bartone Photography Fans on FaceBook, so I know who is
there as of today’s date: 10.06.2009 = 192 fans total.  It wouldn’t take much to reach the fan goals.  If each of my current Joanne
Bartone Photography fans
brought me only 27 additional fans I’d
get beyond my goal of 5000+ fans easily.  Or, if each of my current
fans brought me 52 additional fans, I’d reach 9900+ fans! 
And, as new fans come in, they are eligible to participate in the
promotion too, so
theoretically a goal of 10k fans is very reachable!

Let the promotion begin!

No purchase necessary to participate. Eligibility requirements can be viewed on the on-going Promotions page here on the blogsite.

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer  ::  ::  tele: 412.418.8075

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