...washing over you peacefully...

Imagine…close your eyes and visualize yourself walking through Red Rock Crossing, with Cathedral Rock ahead…walk slowly towards the majesty and colors…the serenity and the sounds…of leaves gently calling to you in the breeze…towards the faint babble of Oak Creek…trickling, trickling…then moving, twisting, turning, around the bends and rocks with zeal…what sights, what sounds, what a scene…what magnificence, color and beautiful movement. These are the holy waters of Sedona, Arizona. If you step into Oak Creek you are healed, without the need for a healer, because healing is what water does. It is such a gift.

My images of this area are not the typical or traditional.Then again, I tend to look deeper at my surroundings as you will see here.
Be kind to water, to our Mother Earth and to Nature.
I hope you can feel my love of this magical setting through my images. Namaste.

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