Poetic Photography

By virtue of creating, there is a process of ego that cannot be escaped.

I’ve concluded that keeping ego out of my creative process is impossible. Instead, I conveniently justify the ego-factor in this way…expressing and sharing my creativity so others may enjoy the end results is the true purpose behind my art. Hoping to enlighten others to Nature and the world that surrounds us in a way that would entice more care of our earth and of each other is my intent.

I, like many others, am searching: for purpose, for reasons, for callings, for answers that may never come, ‘lest we sit and trust and understand that “what will be; will be.”

Looking behind, growing up really seems to have been easy, although at the time, it seemed difficult as we went about living and filling our minds with the busy illusion of what we thought to be a purpose-driven life. It’s not until we are older, when time and age nips at our heels, nudging us towards an unclear path that we realize our path is NOT “that,” but we struggle with being unsure what “it” might be. What to do; what legacy to leave. Not questions, so much as thoughts and hopes. Let me own all of that with an “I” to replace the collective “we;” not everyone wanders…but perhaps we do and we just don’t say for fear of being judged! I wish someone would let me in on the secrets.

My photographic-purpose has changed venues over the past five years and I’m still exploring and developing my creative freedoms. I’ve decided to look deeply at the images I’ve created then see what words they evoke in me as I view them. This is what I’ve termed ‘Poetic Photography.’ It may not always be in the form of a poem, it may be ramblings, or coherence, or the movement of spirit. But, it’ll be a direction I’ll take from time to time.

This is my first attempt: “Reprise”
Poetic Photography by Joanne Bartone

I hope you enjoy my art, both photographic and aesthetic word. I’d love to know how you related to this journal entry and to my art…feel free to share your thoughts and emotions through commenting.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone

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