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If you are a past wedding or portrait client of mine and you’d like to purchase the rights to possess and print the full-resolution files (or negatives) I created at your wedding or at a portrait session, please contact me immediately via email – see below.

I have been archiving files at their full-resolution over the past eight years and am simply running out of space.  In an attempt to reduce my inventory and costs, I am about to re-process all files to a lower-resolution to reduce storage capacities and costs.  Those files will then be stored at an off-site facility that will incur retrieval charges should a request to access them be made.

Pictage, my lab since 2003 (when I went digital) will continue to archive all wedding and portrait files for me that have been uploaded to private galleries, so you will always have access to the images I create and you may continue to produce photographic prints for yourself through Pictage – Pictage will continue to re-release galleries at their annual anniversary dates, or you can request that your gallery be re-released through Pictage’s Customer Support.

For 2011 and future wedding clients, your files will remain at the full-resolution size for one year, then will be archived in the manner described above.

If you are interested in receiving your full-resolution files before they are archived at a lower resolution, please email me at between now, March 01 2011 and June 30, 2011.  Come July 01, all files will be archived at the lower resolution and stored off-site permanently and there will be fees associated with procuring the files after this date.


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