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Hello 2011!  Am I too late to greet you this newly born sixth day of 2011?  I don’t think so.  I’m no longer choosing to live my life based on expectations, trends and how someone else does things, or on the shoulds, woulds and coulds lobbed around so cavalierly.  So, although it’s day number six, I hope you’ll accept my greeting.  🙂

What will you hold for me?  What will you hold for the rest of the world?  It’s really all about what we make of our world, lives and work, isn’t it? – rhetorical question here; no need to respond.

My inspirations are always the same as I move through my world: love, nature, adventures, gratitude, compassion.  Those inspirational themes combined with deeply instilled values and ethics propel me to want to achieve and do so much more today than I’ve done before; day after day and year after year.  2011 will be no exception.

Let me begin by saying that I’m working on a “Vision Board” (so to speak) here on my blog meant to represent a small sampling of things I intend to direct my focus on throughout this year: myself, love, life, art, business, nature, family, friends and the enjoyment of living life and having adventures.  I promise to have focus and direction as I seek to make a better year for myself.  I welcome you, 2011, with open mind, arms and heart.  You are really off to a great start, and for that…well I’m grateful, of course!


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