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Emma-Liza + Mike were clients of mine from a few years back. Their wedding was the first digital wedding I ever shot; it was May of 2003!  So, when I photographed their wedding, I double shot it using both film AND digital for just about every shot I did for a couple of reasons…

As their wedding photographer it was my responsibility to deliver on my promise to produce beautiful images for them, so even though I had worked with some of the first digital cameras – which were upwards of $30k! – I wasn’t quite trustful of their capabilities yet.  Film was still “it” for me, but I after the success I had shooting Emma-Liza + Mike’s wedding digitally, I made the transition and have photographed all subsequent weddings after theirs digitally. 

Here’s one of my signature images I used for many years from Emma-Liza +
Mike’s wedding:
Beautiful, right?!  I still love it; it was simply a magical image of them!

Shooting digitally came naturally to me because I was used to using chrome film to photograph with, which is a lot like digital work where you need to be precise while exposing. There were no RAW files to save your chrome exposures if they were bad, and Photoshop was still quite young, so you had to know what you were doing as a photographer FIRST.  Film has always had enough latitude to save anyone’s images, but chrome film did not…I digress, but I believe this is important to understand; digital cameras do not make the photographer!

Anyway…fast-forward to now…to the BEAUTIFUL Buchanan family of 2010, photographed on Emma-Liza + Mike’s seventh anniversary weekend!  This is one beautiful family, and it’s one family I had hoped to photograph again, so was thrilled to know that they had returned to Pittsburgh after living out of town for a few years following their wedding.  I’m so happy to have reconnected with you and hope you thoroughly enjoy the images I’ve created!

A collage of the family:

And a few others to enjoy:


Look at that mischievous yet sweet-as-pie smile!


And how about this one; total joy!


Emma-Liza + Mike were perfect with the kids!  They made the shoot fun for them and turned reluctance into smiles much like this image below!  Thanks so much…I had a blast with you!


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