Pittsburgh DJ, Kelli Burns!

I’m so happy to announce that Pittsburgh DJ Kelli Burns of Kelli Burns DJ Entertainment has a blog ! Please make it a point to visit Kelli’s blog RIGHT NOW to congratulate her on her new endeavor, and visit often to comment on her posts.   Then, stay tuned (pun intended!) for her informative and fun posts on news and entertainment in the music industry and for your event.
Below is an image of Kelli from Beth and Andy’s wedding that we had the pleasure to work together on:

c_Joanne Bartone Photographer
Kelli has 23 years of experience in the greater Pittsburgh area where she has DJ-ed hundreds of wonderful weddings to the delight of her clients and their guests, and has been exclusively procured to DJ for innumerable creme de la creme events around the city. Kelli readily volunteers her entertainment expertise to many important causes and she is well known and highly regarded throughout the Pittsburgh event community.
Besides Kelli’s stellar professional reputation, she’s a great person; both fun and fun-loving, but always a top notch professional when spinning an event. I can attest to her professionalism and abilities first hand after working with her. Kelli’s dedication to “Making that one moment in time even more memorable,” as her tag-line reads, represents a solid commitment to her approach to her work, and she delivers on it!
Kelli is a member of many prestigious professional organizations including Toastmasters, which has served her well when she is in front of your event guests. Kelli’s ability to speak with complete command and elegance while maintaining the balance of not being overbearing or stuffy at events is, well to quote musician Thomas Dolby, “like poetry in motion!”  I am thoroughly impressed by her abilities.  And to quote Bob Sendall of All in Good Taste Productions, he describes Kelli as “The best of the best.”  Agreed Bob!

Kelli and I first met earlier this year and hit it off so spectacularly that we decided to share office space in order to closely collaborate on projects together and promote our businesses.  Our business meetings consist of progress and work, but we have a lot of fun while wearing our business hats!  In fact, we are offering a service to clients seeking photographers and DJs for weddings and other events – contact either of us for more information.  And, we are planning a launch party to celebrate our collaborative efforts to be held at a to be determined date and location this coming October – stay tuned to both of our blogs for information on that!

The following images are clear evidence of our camaraderie and our silliness – Kelli’s the good looking one on the right!  😉 :
c_Joanne Bartone Photographer
c_Joanne Bartone Photographer
So, if you are seeking to hire a DJ for your wedding or private/corporate event, contact Kelli – I highly recommend Kelli Burns of Kelli Burns DJ Entertainment, mostly because she ROCKS!
BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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