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It’s interesting to me how photography has always been such an important medium that evokes powerful emotions and interesting discussions, no matter what the subject or who the photographer. Wedding photography has progressed from photographers using view cameras in the early years of photographing weddings, to the now popular digital SLR cameras with video capabilities!  Completely unimaginable technology only a few years ago is now a reality.  It’s amazing.
And with the technological advances every now and again, this medium gets a surge or rebirth from professionals and consumers alike.  Here’s a small sampling of the progression of photography: camera obscura, pin-hole cameras, view cameras, twin-lens reflex cameras, medium format cameras, Polaroid instamatic cameras, 35mm SLR cameras, and now the digital SLR cameras.  It’s an exciting medium and field to work in because it is ever evolving.
The digital advancements of photography, in my opinion, are akin to the advances of wireless cell phone technology; it’s made it easier for almost everyone to have access to a camera!  In fact, if people aren’t photographing with an actual digital camera they’re using their cell phone cameras to photograph!  It’s just way too much fun and tremendously exciting and has really inspired people to connect with photography again…and then there’s scrapbooking…wow!…it just goes on and on.
The possibilities to create beautiful imagery and specialized creative pieces of photographic works are really becoming endless, which is very, very exciting for us creative types.  Based on what  I’ve seen by some of the leaders in the professional wedding industry from the UK, it appears as if the trend in professional wedding photography is merging with art and design more and more which has led some photographers in the industry to an intense discussion of should photography remain pure: the photo out of the camera is what it was as captured VS. the photo out of the camera is enhanced into a specialized piece of art.  I think either way is fine, but in this ever evolving industry I think an image artfully created in the camera and then artistically enhanced image beyond the camera is going to be the next big identifier of professional photographers and this is VERY exciting, indeed!
Here are a few of the award-winning images from one of my favorite industry leaders: Yervant Zanazanian, one of the most talented and genuine photographers I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet.  His recent awards from the AIPP have sparked quite a debate amongst professionals – a debate that has been around for centuries and only will stimulate us to progress further, i’m sure!
THE FOLLOWING THREE IMAGES ARE Yervant’s PHOTOGRAPHIC ART that has sparked an important discussion amongst photographers.  Yervant INSPIRES me!  What are your thoughts?

Copyright: Yervant Zanazanian
Copyright: Yervant Zanazanian
Copyright: Yervant Zanazanian
Yervant, I love your style, your documentary work and your art, and I couldn’t agree with your insights on the subject more!  You are an incredible inspiration to me and to our industry, and I can’t wait to see what you create for us in the future!  Thank you for your inspiration.

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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