Contemplative Photography Workshop



This Creative Photography Experience is intended for ALL photo enthusiasts with ANY type of camera: DSLR, compact digital, or even a cell phone! Technical expertise is not required, but if you have it you may enjoy the experience even more.

The Contemplative Photography Workshop is an enlightening creative meditation on “seeing” that is intended to help you cultivate your awareness of the beauty that surrounds you at all times! You will be presented with processes to help you align yourself with mindful perception, then integrate your mind, eyes, camera + heart to create inspiring imagery to fuel your soul. A brief presentation on photographic principles of light, shape, line, texture and composition will be presented, followed by a Photo Walk to assist you with integrating the information and connecting your mind, eye, camera + heart!

Participants must make a commitment to relax, be open to the process, allow for curiosity and possibilities, have fun and enjoy themselves fully, then email their 1 or 2 favorite images to Joanne Bartone following the workshop.

Contact Joanne for more information.

Dates, locations and prices will be included on the calendar.