NEWS: “the buzz:” a new blog concept!!!

So, coming off of my first “interview” with Simone Hudson of 5Senses Events Design, I got to thinking…’why not!’
I’ve decided that I’ll do some simple interviews with various wedding vendors so you, my actual and potential clients can get a sense about who the various vendors around town are, what their philosophies are and what makes them so special!
Right now I’ve decided to call it “the BUZZ with JB; interviews” but, if anyone has any suggestions on the category name, I’m happy to consider them! 🙂 Perhaps…”the beat with JB” or “JB on the streets” …hmmmmm…that’s not sounding too good…how about “INSPIRED interviews by JB,” in keeping with my “BE INSPIRED” theme, or “INSPIRED conversations with JB.” Again, I’m open to ideas, clearly! 🙂 Feel free to suggest via comments here on the blog!
BIG love, Joanne Bartone, Photographer /

  • Jeremy on Oct 10, 2008 Reply

    “One on One with JB”
    “Behind the website with JB? – not sure about that one.
    “Into the details with JB”
    that’s it for now. lol Need to get ready for my wedding today.