Marissa and Derek!

Here’s what I consider to be THE most important “formula” for successful wedding photography:
beautiful settings + planning ample TIME for photos + subjects who understand and value the importance of their photographs + subjects willing to work with their TALENTED and EXPERIENCED photographer = beautiful images EVERY time!
I cannot stress enough to everyone who is interested in hiring me just how important it is to budget enough time for the photography on your wedding day. Fortunately, Marissa and Derek valued their photography and photographer enough to plan to have enough time with me between the ceremony and celebration so I could create beautiful images for them. I think it’s fair to say we were ALL successful, and now they will have beautiful images that will last their lifetime!
Look at the light falling on Marissa; it was simply wonderful…warm, delicious… and it made her glow (photo is enhanced too), even though it was cold and windy. This field of weeds sits behind Shakespeare’s Restaurant, where the celebration was held. Now really, have you ever seen weeds look so good? I think not! I’ve chosen to show a number of images from the patch of weeds and I think you’ll agree, it’s a wise decision…

c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
Marissa was absolutely stunning, and it helped that she is in the fashion industry, so she knew how to work that camera! You go GORGEOUS!

c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
And Derek’s done a little modeling himself…! BUT that doesn’t mean that other’s can’t “model” just like Marissa and Derek. All it takes is a little observation, a little interest, maybe a little drink before hand, and experienced guidance from your photographer, if she knows how to work you in front of her camera!! 🙂 …and this one clearly does!

c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
Just look at the love they share…so sweet, so much fun and so natural!
c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
…and just look at this LIGHT! It was stunning, just like my subjects!

c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
…and then there is more love, more beauty…
c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
…and all this sexiness!
c-Joanne Bartone Photographer
What fun! Every wedding is a different blessing; another opportunity for me to create beautiful imagery for my clients that will “wow” them and make them happy.  I have gratitude in abundance that I get to do this for me and for you!  It’s all a beautiful gift…

It was a pure delight to be with you both, Marissa and Derek, and to meet your families, your friends (that’d be you, oh wonderful wedding party!) and to hang with my people at dinner! It was a great day; thanks for that.  And a great way to end my season of photographing weddings; I am grateful.
Now, back to work… Just because my shooting season is over it doesn’t mean my “work” is done!  I hear that whip cracking from that boss of mine…she just won’t let me rest…  😉  !

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

  • admin on Nov 01, 2008 Reply

    A comment from Marissa’s mother, Michele:
    Hello Joanne !!!
    It’s Friday morning and what a surprise to go to your blog and see these GORGEOUS pictures !!! As soon as the first one popped on the screen, my eyes filled up with tears. Marissa looks ethereal, —-just like the angel that she really is. You captured their joy and their immense love. We are so happy to see these pictures and CAN’T WAIT to see the rest soon !! Thank you for all your beautiful comments. We had a glorious day. To anyone reading this, —- if you need a photographer, you just found her here. Joanne is a delightful woman with a warm and tender heart and a lovely spirit. She is so talented and she makes it a point to just melt into the background. You will be pleased beyond all your hopes.
    You’re right Joanne, —– I’ve NEVER seen weeds look so good !!!!!!
    Lots of love,

  • admin on Oct 24, 2008 Reply

    Lot’s of LOVE right back at ‘cha, Michele! It truly was a “glorious day!” …my pleasure, completely.
    BIG love, Joanne Bartone, Photographer