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A while back, when I was walking down the yellow-brick road… …no, wait; that’s not the subject!  The sweet, lovely and wonderful Katherine Shaw of Trends to Traditions is the subject – Katherine is one of Pittsburgh’s finest wedding/event planners! But both entries would be apropos, as the planning and execution of an event can be a bit like Dorothy’s journey through Oz: exciting, overwhelming, lots to consider and with many lessons to be learned in the end.  This is why I recommend hiring a wedding planner, and Katherine is one that you can trust to thoroughly meet your needs!  Here’s a photo of her in action from a wedding we worked on together September ’08 and another when she attended my Event Planners Appreciation Night just this past October…she’s just a sweetie:
c.Joanne Bartone Photographer
For my BUZZ by JB interviews, I send out a few questions for the interviewee to answer, and I think you’ll agree that you get a real sense of why Katherine is so successful in the industry, and how thorough she is when working with couples who are willing to trust in her abilities and work WITH her!  Here are the questions and Katherine’s answers:
JB: What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?
KS: Everyone is so different-from the way they meet, fall in love, and interact with each other. I like to become acquainted with and learn about my clients’ personalities, passions, and unique relationships. Then, I take great pride in producing an event for them that represents who they are, what they stand for, and what they like about the world. I love ‘love’ and I love to be in the lives of couples who are experiencing the newness and excitement of finding their special person. I also enjoy creating and developing artistic and colorful elements that reflect each couple’s uniqueness. It makes me happy to see the idea of a beautiful ceremony and the hopes of an amazing party come to life. I receive great fulfillment when my clients tell me that their guests have told them that their wedding day was the most amazing that they have ever seen. I feel proud that my creativity is able to bring so much joy to others.
JB: What is the most important advice or recommendation you have for your future and actual clients, whether it’s for day-of planning or for full-event planning?
KS: Wow, how do I narrow this down? I have so many recommendations. Location, location, location!
JB: What are the top three aspects of planning that you feel contribute to making an event successful?

KS: I will try to limit this to my top three, although I feel as though I should/could write a book! LOGIC: Do not create an unrealistic scenario. “Elegance in simplicity.” This is not to say that an event cannot be extraordinary, vibrant and lavish. I just mean that you should plan a day that allows you and the guests to relax, enjoy and celebrate with ease. Consider having the ceremony and reception in the same place, perhaps. Look at your plans and make sure that you have sufficient time and a sufficient setting to carry out your dreams. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony (especially in Pittsburgh), make sure that your plan B is a solid plan B and that all is in line to easily and quickly move to plan B when the weather is not cooperating!  DETAILS: When you create a timeline, you need to be very specific. The timeline cannot just say “2:00-cut the cake.” That is the “what and the when.” Now you need the “who, where and how.” For example: who will cut the cake? how will they cut it? where will the knife and serving set be located? after they cut it, who will serve it, and upon what will they serve it? where will these plates come from and who will wash them? In other words, its’ all about that fabulously detailed timeline. A truly successful event does not just magically happen. It’s all aobut the careful, organized and well thought out timeline. A truly successful event is successful because the preparations have been handled appropriately and with logic. The timelines I create for my clients (including all of the behind the scenes happennings) are sometimes 27 pages in length. ATTITUDE: The personalities of those around you make all the differenc in the world! I always tell my clients to hire vendors who treat you well and smile often. Family; well, that’s a little trickeir. Seriously, skill and talent are, although vitally important, only half of the story. You want to surround yourself with vendors and friends who will be happy for you and nice to you. You want people who truly want your day to be fantastic and have your best interest at heart to be with you. In regards to family, well…those who will bring you down should really be sitting down somewhere in the back row at the ceremony and far enough away from you at the reception where you won’t be affected. While keeping the real meaning of love and union at the forefront, a wedding celebration is definitely an event that should be organized, run, rehearsed and directed with precision and detail.  Guests should not be bored: they should have fun! With careful thought and creative style, your wedding day will be talked about and remembered with joy, forever!

JB: Who is your favorite photographer to work with? ..just joking, but I coldn’t resist!  I’ll leave the answer up to your imagination but here’s a hint as to what Katherine said…

KS: Why, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, of course!

JB: hahahahahahahahaha!!! …humor is a beautiful thing! 😉

As someone who pretty much lives and breathes the wedding industry, I feel that those of us who know quality service providers are obligated to pass that information on to POTENTIAL and actual clients alike. On your wedding day, I want you to be surrounded with vendors who will do a good job for you and take very good care of you before and on your wedding day – a happy couple makes for beautiful images! Then after your wedding, it’s up to me to take care of you for the rest of your lives! I like that!  Follow the links in my blog entries; they will lead you to some really wonderful wedding vendors!

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  • simone on Jan 19, 2009 Reply

    these are such beautiful pictures! they capture katherine perfectly! loving the waist belt! have to get me one of those!