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T H E   1 0 0 0   W O R D S   P R O J E C T   v1 ::


If you have not contributed yet, please do and encourage others to contribute too!

There is a saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Let’s see if it’s true!

I refer to pictures as images, because the word “image” seems to suggest a deeper meaning to the subject captured.  Images are, or can become, stories.  Stories often evoke emotions and that is what I’d like to try to get at with all of you who choose to participate in the inaugural Joanne Bartone Photography Collaborative Art Projects with me.


Art Project #1: The 1000 Words Project v1:
I’d like to collect 1000 words to describe your thoughts and feelings when you look at the image in this note. 

Feel free to contribute your thoughts and feelings under Comments beneath this note as one word meant to describe what the image is or what feeling the image evokes in you, or as a number of single word descriptions, or as a poem if you so choose. 

Please encourage everyone, young, old and in-between to participate in this project.  If you are a teacher, share it with your class.  If you are a student, share it with your teacher.

I have some great ideas for where the collection of the Art Projects I have planned will end up – and this is just one of many Art Projects I do have planned.  Perhaps the end result will be a book with all of the projects in it, or perhaps they’ll just stay here, virtually.  But either way, it’ll be OUR collaborative art project and I am very interested to see how we all relate to the same image as individuals and collectively!

Fun, yes?  Enjoy!  Be INSPIRED and try to inspire others with your goodness every day!

THIS PROJECT WILL REMAIN OPEN until we reach 1000 words!

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer  ::  ::  tele: 412.418.8075

Contributions so far via FaceBook:
(project moved from FaceBook to my blog for easier access)

Joanne Bartone Photography

i’ll contribute the first word, just to get everyone started:
August 25 at 6:02pm

Cj Daro

August 25 at 6:03pm

Robin Pesa

August 25 at 6:06pm

August 25 at 6:06pm

Lauren Brown

August 25 at 6:10pm

Victoria Bushmire

And my word is tranquil
August 25 at 6:56pm

August 25 at 7:28pm

August 25 at 7:40pm

Barbara Alles Barry

without seeing the original image, I see the ocean at night.
August 25 at 10:03pm

Karen Dobrogosz< div id="text_expose_id_4ad000d6e711d0a9317bf" class="comment_actual_text">wisp
August 26 at 2:50pm

Winsome Dawta

I have to agree with Barb (the view from my cruise ship balcony). But for me… I see new life
August 26 at 3:53pm

August 26 at 4:59pm

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  • Anthony Lazzari on Dec 16, 2009 Reply

    It makes me feel liquidy!
    Also, I see a lot of this photo in the water photo in the post above.

  • Dan Speicher on Oct 19, 2009 Reply


  • joanne on Oct 12, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for continuing the project Terry! I like your word!

  • Terry Clark on Oct 12, 2009 Reply