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I have a specialized degree in photography and over twelve years of experience as a professional photographer photographing weddings, corporate and private events, commercial assignments, families, children/lifestyle, etc.  I’ve had the great fortune to have photographed many prominent Pittsburgh families weddings, international celebrities and musicians while performing, world-renowned scientists and politicians, and have had some of the best experiences in my life as a result of my work!  I have been published locally, nationally and abroad as a result of my expertise, and am a national and international award-winning art and wedding photographer.  In my field, that’s a big deal, but if no one knows about this, what good am I to you?!  With me, it’s not about having a big head or a big ego because of these  experiences, and it’s not about the “perception” that I’m a big deal – people often times portray themselves to be something they are not.  For me, it’s about actual and authentic experiences that I can use to positively impart my knowledge and expertise on people to help them enhance their lives and/or their careers!  I LOVE people and I believe strongly in paying my success forward to others.

cJoanne Bartone Photographer
As a result of all of my photographic wisdom and experience I am happy to announce that I am offering private or group lessons for SLR (35mm Single Lens Reflex) camera owners who are enthusiasts, beginners, or those wishing to enter the field of photography on a professional level.  My years of experience leading and directing groups and formulating lesson plans as a result of my previous career are now being combined with my photographic career to offer you a positive, fun, encouraging and personalized 1:1 experience.  You will learn a solid foundation in photography that will result in your having a better command over your technical skills, which will allow your creative skills to flourish!
Sessions for enthusiasts and beginners will be held in groups of four and in a workshop format, unless 1:1 lessons are requested, and will typically be held one evening during the week for four to six weeks so we can  accommodate everyone’s work schedules.  Group sessions will likely be more affordable than private lessons and will offer individuals an opportunity to connect with others who have similar levels of experience and interests.
Sessions for those seeking to enter the professional field will be intensive over the course of one year, and will involve specific photographic and business assignments where technical and creative evaluations of your work will occur in conjunction with technical training at model and actual wedding shoots.  A significant and consistent commitment and investment of your time will be required by you so I can effectively coach you to reach your professional goals successfully. I am currently in discussions with one of the nation’s top professional photographer’s organization to determine a certification process for those completing my workshops.

If anyone is seriously considering learning more about your SLR camera and about the technical and creative aspects of photography, email me for more information: .  I look forward to helping you make your photographic interests and dreams come to life, much as I’ve been fortunate to make mine happen!
BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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