Jeremy Ganss, DJ extraordinaire!

Saturday, July 5th, 2008 will be my good friend and colleague Jeremy Ganss (DJ extraordinaire) and his lovely, sweet and special fiance, Heather’s wedding! And, I couldn’t be more excited for them! They are a perfect match for one another; both sweet, kind, talented and wonderful people and I have the honor of being a guest with them tomorrow as they celebrate and ENJOY one another on their big day! …news flash…I’m bringing my camera even though I’ll be a guest for a change! I can’t just show up at a wedding without a CAMERA, right?! I would be like a fish out of water if I did! I’ll post some photos from their celebration next week.
I first met Jeremy at one of my October 2006 weddings, Heather and Chris S., and was immediately struck by Jeremy’s talent and wonderful personality! I found him to be a great guy AND a top-notch DJ and that combination can sometimes run few-and-far-between, as the saying goes. But Jeremy had it all; elegance, class, talent, a great personality, good mojo – and the list goes on – and he was relatively new to the wedding business at that time, so I made it my mission from that point on to promote his services exclusively! I will forever talk him up – he is worth every penny anyone might ever consider paying for his services. This young man rocked the house and had people dancing constantly and all night, and I mean the floor was packed!
Then, I had the honor of meeting Heather, Jeremy’s fiance and wife-to-be at a photographer’s picnic I held last year. I specifically made sure to invite Jeremy and Heather so I could promote Jeremy’s DJ services to all the other photographers in the city and I’m happy to say he is a busy man. If you want him to DJ your wedding, you had better book him quickly because he is booking two years in advance. Anyway…these two are so SWEET! I absolutely love them and can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t! Heather hand-makes Jewelry that is so very lovely – I should know – I have had the honor of being gifted two sets of Heather’s earing designs, and I just love them! I think her work would be perfect for wedding party gifts as she does male and female designs. And wouldn’t it be great to get such a personal hand-made gift from the couple? The answer is “yes!”
So, tomorrow I’ll be drinking a toast to Jeremy and Heather; may they be as happy always as they are sure to be tomorrow!
BIG love to both of you, Joanne Bartone, Photographer

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