…team Bartone!
I frequently am asked by new shooters if they can “shadow” me when I photograph a wedding, but as you can see I have at least one photographer with me at my weddings and two photographers with me on occasion, so an additional shooter isn’t feasible.

Enter my two wonderful shooters: Karen (left) and Nicole (right).

This is the second year that Karen has been shooting with me.  Karen has been working with me behind the scenes as my business partner where she has been concentrating on marketing and promotion.  Karen has always loved photography – like so many people who find themselves getting into the field – and has a fabulous old camera collection that museums would be envious of!  Because of Karen’s love of photography she wanted to shoot and learn more of the technical aspects of photography, and so she has been!  Her composition and ability to capture moments and emotion is incredible!  In the past I’ve paid many people who purported to be photographers a lot of money to second shoot with me and on way too many occasions if I have been lucky to get one, or maybe five images from them it was a miracle – this is no exaggeration.  When Karen shoots, I get hundreds of beautiful and fabulous images filled with creativity and emotion.  I couldn’t be happier with her ability and since she’s been shooting with me I find myself wondering how I ever shot alone for so long!
Nicole is one of my brides from 2007!  As what frequently happens with most of my couples, we become friends, and so it was with Nicole and her husband Chris (and now their sweet baby girl Eva!).  Nicole has always had a passion for photography, again, like so many people, and approached me about learning more of the technical aspects of it, so I said ‘sure!’  Nicole has just begun to shoot this year and from the images I’ve seen that she’s taken I can say with certainty that she is doing great!  She may not think so, but her ability to soak in information and her passion and desire to continue to improve are the tools that will make a huge difference for her in the future.  Patience and practice to learn the technological aspects is paramount.  Nicole and I have had conversations and are making a plan where one day I hope to have her shooting with me on a permanent basis, one where I can hand over a lot of the photography to her and move forward with other aspects of my photography. It will be a number of years before that happens, but I’m already looking forward to it!
So, if you see Karen and Nicole with me at a wedding, stop and say hello to them!  They are two wonderfully personable people – you have to be in this business! – and they would love to meet you! I am grateful for their presence, enthusiasm and support, as always.

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

  • Cynthia Brown on Jul 07, 2009 Reply

    These are gorgeous Joanne! I love the night shots and the formality of those huge columns.