My eyes and my camera are the instruments that align with my heart and mind so I can produce art that is distinctively my own. My work is best described as narrative and my preferred style is figurative; I don’t see or photograph as most people would perceive photography to be, which I feel gets me closer to the essence of the subjects that present themselves to me. Trends are not appealing to me; my creative preferences range from contemplative abstractions to lyrical renderings. Like other art, my photography is an ever-evolving journey where my desire to connect with, document and create from my surroundings is constantly in flux.

N ature, movement, colors, divergent displays and life are my muses. My photographic process is slow and deliberate, intentionally illuminating and enhancing the viewer’s ability to connect with my unusual, almost “painterly” interpretation of what I’m seeing and what I visualize as an end result. My decision-making processes on aesthetics are like meditative observations; all are made on an intuitive level felt between myself, the moment and the scenes that present themselves.

T he repetition of day-to-day life rudely distracts us from our appreciation of our world. Conveying the beauty around us is an important part of my photography, although what I envision as beautiful or fascinating is not always felt in turn by the viewer. I seek to share feelings, or a conceptual subject through my art and provide interest and connections. Through our connection, I hope to pause the viewer and provide a moment of peace, a healing of emotions or spirit, mystery, inspiration or enlightenment.


Defining myself separately from being a photographer, I am a creator who believes in encouraging others to create. Like an architect, my enjoyment lies in building people up by conveying my knowledge in an uplifting way. Empowering authentic creativity in individuals and promoting connections and contributions that will matter to each other, to our planet and within our own communities, is of tremendous importance to me.  I believe that equanimity, flexibility, diversity, love and acceptance are the cornerstones to making a genuine difference in our world.  My strength allows me to live my life through compassionate kindness; that is the best part of who I am.

I am here to help you through insightful and inspirational instruction.  Please consider joining myself and Team Zen on one of our Photography Expeditions where you will enjoy a memorable, informative + adventurous photo-learning experience.                            

                               ~  Namaste, Joanne

Want to know more about my professional accomplishments?  View my Bio + Awards.“Joanne, you are truly amazing! You are the model from which all photographers should be made.” – Emma Rooney

Creating fine art to connect our hearts + souls and bring awareness to the beautiful natural world
Providing insightful photo-learning opportunities through my Zen Photography Photo Expeditions.
Building trust, encouraging + teaching all levels of photographers to successfully enjoy the craft of photography.

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Creative Services Available

Joanne’s passion lies in the process of creating fine art photography, both Open Editions + Limited Editions for corporate and private collections.

Formally educated in commercial photography, Joanne uses her professional award-winning experience to provide photographic instruction and coaching to photo-enthusiasts, beginners, new + seasoned photographers, and even to business owners who want to learn how to effectively use their DSLR cameras to take better photographs. Learn more about Photo Excursions and Joanne’s photography instruction at her Zen Photography website.

Joanne Bartone is an international award-winning photographer with nearly 20 years of professional photographic experience.  Joanne specializes in trust and satisfied clients. If you are embarking on your own Wedding Photography career, you now have the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional who is happy to answer all your questions in a honest and thorough manner.

Need a re-design on your website?  Joanne has over sixteen years of website design + development experience.  Exclusively using the WordPress platform, Joanne will advise and guide you through the process of installation, set-up and SEO for your WordPress-powered site.


,, Wedding days fly by; however, it's the photographs that captivate memories. Joanne has an artful way of capturing timeless moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Having Joanne Bartone as our photographer was by far the best decision we made for our wedding!
Maria & Joe P., - wedding
,, Joanne is just absolutely the best. Her work speaks for itself.
Koren & Adam B., - wedding