up and running again!

ALL FIXED!  Jeremy, Heather…you can go back to watching again!  LOL!  😉

2 HOURS PREVIOUS: having technical difficulties…please stand by!
It appears as if my host/server is down – I’m not able to send/receive email at my email address AND all of the slide shows that are loaded into the back-end of my site are not visible. …can you hear me pulling my hair out?! Oy vei…

Sorry for the frustration and inconvenience and that you may not be able to see any images or slide shows right now. I’m working with my team to get this fixed as soon as possible! I’m going to blame this on Jeremy and Heather Ganss – they probably burned out my server looking at the slide show over, and over, and over….JUST KIDDING!!!! 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted.
BIG love, Joanne Bartone, Photographer

  • Jeremy on Jul 12, 2008 Reply

    Sorry Joanne,
    I’ll take blame for it. . . Heather and I have been so very excited about our pictures. .. . I can easly say I’ve watched the slide show 12 times since yesterday.
    I’ll lay off of the site a little.. lol