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Karen and I photographed a wedding on Saturday for a fabulous couple from 1:30 PM to 12 AM made it to sleep around 1:30 AM then woke up at 6:30 AM to head up to Erie for my father’s 85TH birthday!  No three-nap-Sunday for me, which is the norm since after a wedding I am completely spent physically and mentally.  No sir-E…very important things to do…like spend time with my dad talking about our plans for the future to help save the soil so the world can continue to sustain itself with nutritious topsoil and food.  But that is a future topic of discussion somewhere in this blog…

I’ve come to know a number of angels walking the earth and just so happened to be blessed enough to be born to two of them and equally blessed to be able to say that I get to talk with both of them every day…lucky, lucky, lucky ME!

This is my Daddio; his name is John.  He calls me “Cheerio!”  I like that a lot.
He’s quite a handsome fella and a great catch!  Like those blue eyes?  They are all-knowing and filled with compassion and knowledge beyond belief.

He was a Staff Sergeant in the 5th Armored Division, 387th Battalion D during World War ii.  He, and my mother are two of the reasons we have a great country to live in – she worked in a factory at GE during the war assembling parts used for bazooka guns…another future topic of discussion somewhere here…

I could go on all day about the pride and love I have for my dad (and my mom), but will just leave you with this…  Ever since I was a kid I recognized the goodness and the value of having wonderful parents, even if I did rebel a bit as a teenager.  I’ve always wished I could share my father with those who didn’t have a good father or a father at all because he is such a good man.  My dad is absolutely, hands down, the best man I have ever known in my life.  My wish is that every little or every grown-up girl can say those very same words about her own father too!

Both of my parents INSPIRE me to strive to be a better person every day.  I am so very fortunate and so very blessed.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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  • Suzanne Brown on Sep 28, 2009 Reply

    And, I’m very proud to call him Uncle Johnny. He’s the picture of his older brother and continue to see my father ‘live’ in those blue eyes.
    Thanks so much for posting such a nice tribute.

  • Elizabeth Craig on Sep 28, 2009 Reply

    So sweet Joanne. Your Papa is adorable. 🙂

  • Cal Landau on Sep 28, 2009 Reply

    This guy has to be one very special father, and very blessed to have such a gifted, loving daughter.

  • Karen on Sep 28, 2009 Reply

    What a handsome guy. I love him.