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So, whaddaya think of this young lady?  Beautiful, right?!!! 

We took a day trip home last Saturday to celebrate yet another birthday with another one of those wonderful and special angels walking the earth; my Momma.

Mom just turned 84 and she’s not ashamed to say it!  Look at her skin – could it
be any more beautiful at her age?  (I refused to retouch this photo!)  She will probably tell you it’s all that good livin’ she’s always done.  You know, like laundry, house keeping, working outside in the yard, and at Hammermill too, but  most importantly, it’s probably because of all the chocolate she’s ever eaten…and that is a LOT of chocolate!

My mother can pretty much run circles around everyone I know; I’ve never seen someone w/ so much energy and spunk!  She cooks, and cleans and cooks and cleans for everyone.  And on occasion she’ll even help me organize my paperwork – she loves to be busy.  And look at that mischievous but sweet smile. It’s there ’cause she really does possess both of those qualities simultaneously!  This woman is P-U-R-E goodness to the core!  She can still put me in my place too with a resounding “I don’t care how old you are you will always be my baby” remark that can still leave me defenseless when trying to tell her that I’m an adult and can take care of myself!  What typically follows that remark is her handing me a container of her frozen homemade red sauce (or gravy, as some Italians call it) and meatballs to take home, which to refuse is nearly a sin.

She’s an angel, I tell you, with little horns peeking from beneath her halo!  I wish I could share her with everyone who needs a good mom; no I take that back…with anyone who needs the BEST mom on earth.  You’ve not met her yet, but I can tell you…if you did you’d just love her!

My mom and my dad; how fortunate am I?  That’s one of those rhetorical questions that really doesn’t need answering…I already know…VERY fortunate!

Happy Birthday Momma!  …and many more!

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