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Featured Image: “The Choice” © Joanne Bartone 1997

About this image: I come back to this image time and time again in my mind and in my heart because it is so poignant and personal to me.

It was created at a particularly difficult time in my life, when I was faced with an immense personal challenge, one where I needed to make a difficult choice where the outcome was unknown (as most choices are). I looked to this image to try to get an idea of what I was to do…it was created as I left my therapist’s office; there are no coincidences.

Was the open door where the light existed one I should move to and go through? Did the light represent a decision that would be good for me, or was it one I might regret? …it was not lost upon me that the light reflecting from the open door appeared to be a figure of a spirit-person… Or, was the closed door where I needed to be? Perhaps the closed door represented my need to stay put and move through the challenges to see a different outcome through to its end…or was the scene in the image all-encompassing of all of those questions? Ahhhhh, decisions, decisions.

Lesson learned: there are no wrong choices. We are led to the opening we are meant to go through. Sometimes it is towards the light, other times it is towards the dark. Either way, we must trust that the journey and path we are on is meant exactly for us, taking it all as it comes.

Namaste, Joanne Bartone

Original Polaroid SX-70 camera + film | ISO 150 | 50 mm | f/unknown | approximately 1 second exposure

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