Eryn and Jay…

I’ve been a shooting maniac since June: weddings, engaged couples, babies, boudoir, portraits…insert rapid clicking of a shutter noise here!  Below is the results from one of my engaged couples’ shoots: Eryn + Jay, who will be married in June of 2010.  We had an absolute blast together and I created some really fun and contemporary images of them while we were out and about – we even ended up having to do some of our shots on the sly; it was like stealth photography – HA!

The images below are a compilation of this great yellow wall that I fell in love with!  And, while we were shooting there Eryn + Jay seemed to feel a bit odd about why we were shooting there and the things I was having them do and I’m sure wondered how those images would turn out – it’ll always make sense afterward; you just have to trust me!  It’s my guess that the two of you are really going to LOVE this piece; I know I do!  ENJOY!

Joanne Bartone Photographer

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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