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I thought I’d elaborate a bit more on what exactly Dear Gigi is…

Dear Gigi is me.  You see, Gigi is the Italian derivative of my name
Joanne = Gianna = Gigi, the shortened form of my Italian name.

When I move to Italy some day, I’ll change my name. Until then, I thought it
would be fun if Gigi could offer some tips AND opinions on diverse
topics that will deal with the multitude of her interests – from
weddings to commitment ceremonies, from fashion to design, from love
to remorse…but mostly all from love!

Gigi wants to hear from YOU too!  So, if you have a question that you’d
like answered, mild or controversial, ask Gigi and let’s see what she
comes up with!

I hope you enjoy Gigi’s colorful thoughts and opinions, and feel free to chime in with comments on the posts yourself, as your feedback and input is important to me…er, I mean Gigi!

Let me know what you think!  ENJOY! and…

Ciao Bella!

Grande Amore, Gigi

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer  ::  ::  tele: 412.418.8075

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