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Gigi says: “il colore è sempre alta, tesoro!”

It’s Gigi here, reporting for Joanne Bartone Photography on the haute color trends for 2010!

What would we do without the experts from the design and fashion industry to determine the color trends for everything from the clothes we wear and the bedding and towels we wrap ourselves in to the paint on our walls and the coats our fur-people wear. 

Thank the heavens for Pantone!  The people who work there happen to be some of the brightest color trendsetters whose responsibility it is to guide the design industry as well as the visually challenged into what we hope to like in colors for the upcoming year.  Fresh off of New York’s Fashion Week, September 10-17, are the colors the Pantone people and fashion designers have in store for us for 2010. Check out the full PDF article HERE to see what some of the top designers have to say about the colors and trends for the up-coming seasons!
Included in this image is the classic color wheel so those of you less inclined towards design can see what complementary colors look like – just think of opposites on the wheel attracting one another…ooooh; it sounds so delicious and riskè!

It seems in keeping with the eco-chic trends, colors for 2010 are snatched from the oceans, the land, the plants and the sky…but aren’t they typically?  To rhetorically answer my own question; yes, they typically are, but thankfully the colors we are directed towards annually change frequently, even if subtly from season to season to keep us INSPIRED, or at least less bored.

Now that green is the new gold, the underlying tones (pun intended) the colors are intending to speak to us are those of ecological trends as well: reuse, recycle, re-purpose…meaning, I have these two tops that will go with these four pants and these three skirts.  Smart, both economically AND ecologically as well as molto trendy, tesaro, MOLTO trendy!  Themes of the 1940s are oh so new again, both in fashion design and in paring down; gluttony finally is out and less-is-more is in again…YAY!

So, how does this help you, the beauty getting married, plan for your wedding?  Aren’t wedding dresses still white, per se?  Well, yes wedding dresses are a varying tone of white or “champagne,” but there is still accessorizing to be done, tesaro!  Flowers and dresses and table linens, oh my! 

If you aren’t using a wedding or event planner who can help you decipher colors to meet the needs of your own trends and styles, take a look at the Pantone article to get a sense of what is happening for the season next year, so you can be armed with information when you go off to choose all those important accessories you’ll need to make your wedding uniquely your own in both color AND style! 

And, let’s not forget about those bridesmaids dresses…be wise both economically and when thinking about the future and your lovely attendants. Wouldn’t it be nice if your girls were able to re-purpose their dresses? No one can afford to buy a dress and hang it in a closet to never wear again.  Buy haute AND smart – it can be done!

Any further questions?  Feel free to ask Gigi!  Until then…

Ciao Bella!
Grande Amore, Gigi

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  • christine goodis on Sep 24, 2009 Reply

    this is beautiful GiGi. i’m looking forward to more of your input and expressions!