Beth and Andy…

I don’t know where to begin to share my thoughts on Beth and Andy’s wedding, other than perhaps by saying the word ‘ WOW !’
This was an event of tremendously beautiful proportions!  Like all of my weddings, I created so many beautiful images from Beth and Andy’s wedding that I had a difficult time choosing what to post!  So, what I’ve decided to do is to post a handful of images now then I’ll create a slide show filled with the grandeur of the day and add it to this post in a few days!
…as i mentioned, WOW!   On the day of Beth and Andy’s wedding it was raining, and raining, and storming and raining, and Beth’s request to me was, “All I want is beautiful pictures from the day.”  Andy is an Art Teacher at a prestigious private boy’s school so, like it is with all my couples, I wanted to deliver badly for them.  I can say without hesitation that I delivered on your wishes Beth, and beyond my own expectations and I truly believe you are going to LOVE them!
Beth and Andy met on the top of one of the ski slopes at Seven Springs, so it was only fitting for them to have their wedding ceremony and reception in the Laurel Mountains at Beth’s parent’s beautiful home, where the “views” are truly spectacular vistas of the beautiful countryside.  Their wedding happened to fall on one of our rainy June weekends and we weren’t sure the weather would cooperate with us, but I always trust and am always given opportunities, and as you can see, the storm clouds parted long enough for me to create some really dramatic and stunningly beautiful images of and for Beth and Andy!

cJoanne Bartone Photographer
The beautiful natural setting of the Shanefelter’s home was transformed into sheer elegance, bar none, by the wonderfully creative and talented Bob Sendall, owner of All In Good Taste Productions, famous for dressing and coordinating many of the creme de la creme events around Pittsburgh and beyond.  No detail was spared, from the ceremony to the reception, which resulted in total comfort for guests and a magical setting and party for Beth and Andy!  Wow!  Bravo, and thank you Bob!  You made the event so visually stunning which gave us a canvas with which to create beautiful memories for Beth, Andy and their families!  Here’s Bob with Andy and Beth…

Joanne Bartone Photographer
This composite doesn’t even begin to encompass the visual splendor created by Bob and his tireless team!
Joanne Bartone Photographer
The elegant, sophisticated and smooth presence of Kelli Burns of Kelli Burns DJ Entertainment was phenomenal as well!  Kelli is a true Master of Ceremonies and much, much more than just a DJ.  Kelli MADE the party with her comfortable command and fun approach to introductions and her contemporary ability to spin music that transformed the party into a NYC club setting where she kept the dance floor filled and the party rocking all night!  In my professional opinion, Kelli Burns has the perfect combination of elegance, sophistication and experience where she brings out the best in an event. I’m not sure I know how to convey her abilities accurately, but Kelli has a wonderful ability to know how to create the flow of an event through the way she speaks to your guests, the way she carries herself and the way she entertains with music.  Bravo to you too, Kelli!  You are AWESOME!

Joanne Bartone Photographer
Here’s a few more select images that will offer a bit of the flavor of Beth and Andy’s special day…
Portraits of Andy and Beth in the majestic setting of Beth’s parents property in the Laurel Highlands.

Joanne Bartone Photographer
With the rain in the mountains – and there was a LOT of it! – came beautiful dramatic skies filled with perfect clouds!

Joanne Bartone Photographer
At sunset the sun came streaming in beneath the clouds and with the sun came more dramatic and romantic images of Beth and Andy!  What a gift!

Joanne Bartone Photographer
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of my previous wedding couples, Alyssa and Michael whose wedding I photographed in 2004, sent Beth and Andy my way!  You see, Alyssa and Beth have been good friends for forever, and, well, you know how the story goes…!  Thanks guys; I’m always grateful and happy for the referrals.

Joanne Bartone Photographer
Again, I’ll be posting a slide show soon, that will have many more beautiful images from Beth and Andy’s wedding, so stay tuned.

I’m telling you, with each and every wedding I photograph, and with each and every couple I work with I have to walk away pinching myself for all the love and beauty I get to create from and capture, and all the wonderful couples and people I get to meet and work with.  I am always so grateful for my work and so grateful for ALL OF YOU!

BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

  • Awesome pictures of an awesome couple!
    Love and Smiles from Florida!

  • Awesome pictures of an awesome couple!!! Glad we were able to be a part of it all and see Beth and Andy gloriously captured in time…
    Love and Smiles from Florida!

  • Shannon Shanefelter on Jul 08, 2009 Reply

    Hi Joanne,
    What a lovely page. You certainly did capture the magic of the evening. I am so excited to see the rest of the photos.

  • marlene flint on Jul 08, 2009 Reply

    one word: stunning!
    Marlene Flint