Believing is seeing…

Admittedly, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the b/w image above. The Universal Source seems to know when I’m available, and even more important, when I’m paying attention to the gifts presented to me. This day was no exception…

When people see this b/w image, it evokes immediate curiosity…”What is that?!”  I like to ask them what they think it is, and the dialog begins…

It was a perfectly clear, beautiful sunny day on Presque Isle State Park / Lake Erie / Erie, PA.  There were no clouds in the deep blue sky at all…except for this one, this feather cloud. Knowing how quickly clouds change and dissipate from my childhood sky-gazing days, when I spotted this cloud, I knew I only had moments to capture it as it was in the scene to establish the story, then as this close-up of just the cloud. While processing the image I realized that it could further become even more of a mystery if the color was taken away from the single shot – and the b/w was born.

I often wonder if anyone else on that beach could see what I was seeing – surely I could not have been the only person to discern this unique shape and form – but perhaps I was, because I’m always acutely tuned in to my visual world. I see things that most probably never even think to notice…light and shadow that diverge into abstractions of shapes and forms; studies on visuals that are always all around us. This form of seeing is an exciting exercise in witnessing for me that I am engaged in on a continuous basis and what I hope to share with others through my workshops and retreats found at my Zen Photography Workshops site.

This one-ness with experiencing the gifts around us is a beautiful meditation on creating from things as they are, and involves letting go of precepts and expectations as we tap into our relationship with ourselves and our beautiful world. Expectations are left behind and the beauty of ordinary objects, such as that cloud in the sky, can become an inspiration for anyone’s creativity, as it was for my experience.

Join me in this New Year on an open-minded journey of a different kind of creative process where a method of seeing and photographing that I present will not only fuel your creativity, but will also sooth your soul and inspire other aspects of your life. And if you’d like to see the cloud as it appeared in the sky, wide-angle original shot, and the closeup of it in the blue sky, click on the image below to experience the reality of the scene in addition to the b/w image.


Namaste, Joanne Bartone Photographer

  • Beth Kukucka on Jan 02, 2013 Reply

    I always get a comforting feeling when I look at this particular image. If a cloud could give a hug, this one does. Beautiful.

    • admin on Jan 02, 2013 Reply

      Thank you, Beth! It would be a soft, yet strong hug, yes? Glad you can relate. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Don on Jan 01, 2013 Reply

    It confuses me to have to admit that I prefer the ambiguity of not knowing the source of the image. I guess i just like a good mystery…

    • admin on Jan 01, 2013 Reply

      I’m glad the image led you down a path of knowledge: confusing, ambiguous, or otherwise. Thanks for stopping by to have a look.