Pittsburgh Architectural Photographers: Joanne Bartone

A   V I S U A L   R E S P I T E :

I so rarely get to indulge myself in my Art Photography and it’s something that I so badly want to do.  It calls to me daily, constantly even, so I’ve been paying more and more attention to those callings and have begun to nurture the art side of my photography more.

I was fortunate to have a couple of long weekends away from Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.  Combining a little business with pleasure, we traveled to both Washington, D.C. and Boston, MA.  I was grateful for blue skies and the opportunity to be outside, walking and walking, on what were two gloriously sunny and warm weekends.  I always take a camera with me when I go away so I can photograph the local flavors, no matter what they may be.

I left my Social Work career of seventeen years when I was the Director of an Inpatient Treatment Facility.  Returning to school for photography and embarking on my new career as an adult, I was drawn to Abstract and Exterior Architectural Photography, and I still am.  I love the disconnect from people in Architectural imagery. I so enjoy the angles, colors, lines and the organic visuals of how earth and building meet, or how building meets sky, sometimes making sense and many times making no sense.  I love how huge buildings that seem invasive, constricting and suffocating to us on the ground appear so free in the sky.  Reflections, abstractions; so different from documenting people.  So beautiful in its own right.

One of my Architectural Photography images won an International Photography Award in 2005 in the Beauty: Camera Eye of the Beholder: Architecture category of a WIPI competition.  I was thrilled – I still am! 

Needless to say, I’ll be presenting a lot more of my Art Photography here on the blog.  I must remind myself more often that my Art is a visual respite that refuels my spirit and helps my soul soar!

Here are a few of the  images from my adventures a few weeks ago. ENJOY!  And don’t forget to comment about the images here on the blog; I’d love to know your thoughts!

Moral of the story: look up!


PS: very little Photoshop-ing was done on these images. Blame it on the sun…and a good photographer!  🙂

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