a handy-dandy little tech tip…

I thought I’d pass along a handy-dandy little “green” technology tip for anyone who may have an external hard drive and haven’t thought of this option yet…
As most photographers know, heat is the enemy when it comes to external drives crashing, so the issue then becomes how do we keep them cool when most don’t come with any type of an exhaust/cooling fan – most just have vents in the aluminum casing to allow the heat to escape from inside which is supposed to help, but if you use your drive a lot, they still get pretty warm.  So, MY answer: a laptop cooling pad!!!
Please take note of the types of external drives I use: Seagate Technology, a Pittsburgh-based company who makes great products!  I have a number of external drives tethered to back up my files and they all sit on these pads. These are my “mobile” drives – I can easily disconnect them from the mothership (my big-girl desktop computer) for mobility needs.

I purchased a cooling pad, well, for my laptop, of course, then quickly realized how great this would work for my external drives too, and it does!  It draws the heat out from inside the drive and sends it out to warm my working space – now that is some wicked green thinking on my part, don’t ‘cha think?!!!  😉  A simple tip, I know, but useful…I just thought I’d share!
ENJOY!  BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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