I want to send a BIG love SHOUT OUT for John Craig of Craig Photography who is holding a “How to Everything” Photography (The Basics – 101) workshop on September 17, 2009. CLICK HERE OR ON THE PHOTO FOR MORE INFORMATION!
Perhaps you want to learn how to use that expensive camera you just bought, or perhaps you are considering becoming involved in the professional world of photography and you don’t know where or how to begin, or if you have just started a business involving photography, this would be a great step-off point for you to acquire some basic knowledge.
John Craig is a wonderful soul, a great guy and has extensive professional photographic experience and knowledge, that I am proud to say I call on from time to time myself.  So, I am confident that you will benefit from his expertise and I strongly encourage you to take the plunge and take this workshop!  CHECK IT OUT!
BIG love, Joanne Bartone Photographer |

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